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volume 28 of The Poet's Domain
Available by December 1, 2013

Like a welcome summer rain, humor may suddenly cleanse
and cool the earth, the air, and you.

Langston Hughes                                                            



    Live Wire Press is available for editorial and printing services, i.e. chapbooks, memoirs, etc. Please see contact information below for quotes.


    Short story collections
    Manuscript Preparation
    Developmental Editing
    Research/Fact Checking

Our Mission:

    Live Wire Press remains dedicated to the written word through the publication of The Poet's Domain, a poetry collection and the publication of a short story fiction anthology called In Good Company.

    The Poet's Domain, is an anthology of theme-driven poetry published in the fall.

   In Good Company is an anthology of short stories. This series cameos a published author in each edition. It is our hope that new and fresh ideas, and their authors, be given a chance to grow. 

    It is the hope of Live Wire Press that publication in either of these books will serve as entrée into the highly competitive arena of publishing. We will impartially consider and evaluate all entries.

    This publishing program is largely financed by the participating authors with registration fees and pre-publication discount ordering. However, unlike vanity presses, this program entitles the authors to royalty payments, however slight, as long as the books are in print.    

    Please feel free to contact us with your comments. 

    We need your input to make this publishing program a success.

    Patricia Adler, Publisher

Company Profile:

    Live Wire Press staff is made up of volunteers who give generously of their time and expertise to bring these publications into being.  

    We are bound by a common love of the written word. 

Chief Paperhanger:

       Pat Adler, Publisher         

Contact Information:

Email for information and quotes: arieseagle2000@yahoo.com
(Please put Live Wire Press in subject line.)


Web update  11/05/2013